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Added support for VDR 1.7.x recordings

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Added support for VDR 1.7.x recordings Empty Added support for VDR 1.7.x recordings

Mensaje por bittor el Sáb 9 Mar 2013 - 13:19

The latest SVN version (trunk) includes support for VDR 1.7.x TS recordings.
It isn't completely tested, so it's something experimental to detect and fix potential problems.

The summary of new features for TS recordings is:
- Support files for up to 1 TB (in PES are still 2 GB)
- The maximum number of files per recording is 65,535 (with PES is 255)
- New index format (PES recordings will use old format)
- Some improvements in TS player, for example we now can set the edit marks because we see the still-image and can move between marks.
- New TS recordings will use the new format and PES the old.
- For compatibility with TS recordings made with firmware 0.7, the player will detect if record is TS or PES checking file's headers instead of path as is done in original VDR, although in 0.9 will remove that compatibility.
- Timeshift recordings remain PES.

SD recordings are done correctly in both formats, but there may be problems with HD, Timeshift, plugins, ..., so if you want to try it, you must to have a previous firmware for safety.

It's a version exclusively for detect errors, so I appreciate comments indicating what has been tested and works and what doesn't work (if something doesn't work).

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